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Hi, I am Matte Lim, a multidisciplinary designer, technologist, and artist interested primarily in psychology, technology, and systems. These three areas correspond to three different scales of human life: the internal, the extended, and the interdependent, respectively.

I work as a Creative Technologist at Design Factory @ Singapore Institute of Technology (DF@SIT). At DF, I design and prototype software and hardware concepts, co-create strategic processes and systems with clients, and facilitate workshops on various topics, from design thinking to visual coding.

Outside of my day job, I present my ideas in various forms behind different monikers. As Luke Warme, I make art installations and experiences that bridge the abstract and tangible. Occasionally, I collaborate with Zhide at sparkpluck, a design collective looking at design + tech. My coding projects are on Github, Replit and Glitch. Check out Behance for the projects that I did while I was at RISD, where I got my BFA in Industrial Design. This website serves as a collection of these various pursuits, a catchall for everything else, and a repository for my writing.

I live and work in sunny & muggy Singapore 🇸🇬.

CV is available upon request.

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