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Rush Hour is an interactive art installation about pace and perception. It was a collaboration with filmmaker Victor Gan.

In 2006, a study confirmed that Singaporeans are the fastest walkers on the planet.

This finding confirms Singapore’s reputation as a nation full of competitive go-getters egged on by its meritocratic system. While being faster, stronger and better seems perfectly desirable, is there an underside to this speed? How much faster can – and should – we go?

Rush Hour is an interactive installation that responds to the walking speed of the participant. The video shows working adults in the business district during rush hour, which connects our local phenomenon to larger narratives of capitalism and the global economy.

Rush Hour was exhibited at “aedge ; (semicolon)” at SOTA Gallery in 2020.

The participant steps onto a step sensor. The slow-motion video changes in real-time based on her/his steps. When s/he walks faster, the figures in the video become more blurred. When s/he stops walking, the video reverts back to clarity.

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