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Tack is a product that I tried (unsuccessfully) to launch through Kickstarter during my senior year at RISD. An important objective of the project was to work with local manufacturers.

Tack is a task light designed for modern urbanites. As more people move into cities, living spaces will continue to shrink. The number of discrete spaces in typical rental housing is decreasing, as seen by the rise in one-room studio apartments. Nowadays, one space has to perform multiple functions. Millennials are also moving from one city to another more than previous generations, necessitating furniture that can be easily moved between homes.

Tack was featured as a Kickstarter “Project We Love”. It was also exhibited at RISD Senior Show 2016. The project is archived on Kickstarter ↗

Setting up and removing Tack is quick, easy, and tool-free. The magnetic mounting plate can be installed on most wall surfaces using standard 3M command stickers.
Tack is switched on and off with a quick tap on the sensor surface. Its brightness can be adjusted by long taps. Tack remembers your most recent settings.
With the magnetic mounting plate, Tack can be positioned on the wall in different ways to create spaces for work and play.
Tack can also be quickly picked off the wall and placed on other surfaces.