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  • Text-GPT-p5

    Text-GPT-p5 is a generative p5.js editor / REPL that takes user text prompts, turns them into p5.js code using OpenAI GPT 3.5, and immediately displays the sketch within the window. I got into programming through Arduino and Processing. I’ve always thought about how to lower the barriers for people to start programming. With GPT, we…

  • Massaged Mirrors

    Massaged Mirrors is a collection of interactive browser-based webcam artwork that investigates how digital technology mediates our self-image. Play with it on Replit ↗ The title is a play on the intentionally misspelled title of Marshall McLuhan’s seminal book. Humans are very fascinated by our own likeness; one of the earliest fictional work about this…

  • Can Recycle Anot?

    Can Recycle Anot? is a searchable recyclables guide for Singapore. (The title is Singlish for “Can this be recycled or not?”) It is a personal project motivated by the difficulty of finding out whether or not something is recyclable in Singapore. To make this app more meaningful, I am looking for small-batch, volunteer-run recycling organizations…

  • BeFantastic Fellowship | Stories from your Future

    I was part of the BeFantastic Together Fellowship in 2021. It is an international art fellowship that invited “collaborative practitioners in art, design, and technology to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), data & networks around the theme of the climate crisis.” The fellowship ran online from August to December and connected artists,…

  • ClearCare | Scheduling Platform

    I did this project as a design intern at DesignMap in 2015. ClearCare is a SaaS web application for home care agency management. TASK: Design a scheduling solution that better manages schedule conflicts and provides users with improved staff matching

  • MarketOnce | Template Editor & Dashboards

    I did this project as a design intern at DesignMap in 2015. MarketOnce is a SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing web application. TASK ONE: Design WYSIWYG template editor TASK TWO: Optimize information clarity of multiple dashboards (workflows and lists) to improve high-level decision-making