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60 Second Counts is an interactive art installation about time and timing.

There are two distinct words for time in Greek: kairos and chronos. Kairos refers to a subjective time that is felt by the individual through circadian rhythms, breaths and heartbeats, whereas chronos refers to an objective time measured in hours, minutes and seconds. 60 Second Counts attempts to reconcile subjective and objective time by getting audiences to record their own “minutes”.

60 Second Counts was shown at “aedge: Time and Space” at the SOTA gallery in 2019.

The participant goes into a booth and interacts with a single button. S/he goes through a process of clicking the button sixty times to record her/his interpretation of one minute. The resulting “minute” is projected on the screen as a blinking dot, along with “minutes” by eleven other individuals. Each “minute” starts with a red dot.

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