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Chrolo is a rumination on the nature of time materialized in the form of a curio.

Time is both linear and circular, continuous and discrete, and exists both subjectively and objectively. Chrolo is an attempt at reconciling the seemingly contradictory qualities of time. Impossible to manufacture through traditional processes, Chrolo is realized through stereolithography 3D printing.

Chrolo engages multiple senses of sight, touch, and hearing, creating an embodied experience of time that draws the user back to the present. The sixty steps of Chrolo descend like a spiral staircase, forming the helix shape of the timer.

Chrolo begins with the user picking up a steel ball from the base and dropping it into the top funnel. As it descends down the sixty steps, the ball creates a ticking sound reminiscent of analog clocks. The ball oscillates back-and-forth on the steps which evokes the mesmerizing quality of pendulums. At the end of sixty seconds, the ball rings the bell and signals the end of a minute.

Chrolo was successfully funded and fulfilled on Kickstarter. The project is archived on Kickstarter ↗

Chrolo was exhibited in Venice Design and Dubai Design Week in 2018.